“Hangout for Teens” gives area youth, kids place to fellowship, worship

JACKSON, Tenn.–Teenagers in the Bemis community have a new place to hangout and worship.

Ben Benfield started up the ‘Hangout for Teens youth non-profit on Bemis Lane with his wife back in March.
Each Thursday, teenagers and children in the community can come by and get a free meal, be a part of a worship service and play games.

Benfield says the youth service is not linked to a certain church and anyone from any faith and background is welcome.

“We need to bring the local church atmosphere to the kids that are on the streets that wouldn’t necessarily make it to the church. Be able to bring that opportunity to them to worship and fellowship and experience the love of Christ,” said Benfield.

Benfield said he hosts the youth service every Thursday from 6 to 8:30 p.m.

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