Jefferson Award: Don Hubbard

Sixty-four-year-old Don Hubbard decided after he retired from working at Kroger for many years, he wanted to do something new.

“I retired and wanted something to do to give back to the community,” said Hubbard.

For the past year, he has voluntarily given free rides to senior citizens though the My Ride West Tennessee program.

“I volunteer for My Ride. It’s a local volunteer service that takes people to the doctor or the beauty shop,” said Hubbard.

About 3 times a week, he gives rides to people like Patsy Pearse.

“Good afternoon Don! I’m fine, how are you?” Pearse asks Hubbard as she steps into his car.

“They take me places I wouldn’t be able to go, like the doctor or places like that because I don’t drive anymore. Don is really courteous and nice and sweet as he can be. He’s right on the minute!” says Pearse.

“One day, it was her birthday, so next day I called her and wished her ‘happy birthday.’  One lady I give a steeping stool to help get into the car.
They are very appreciative and enjoy the ride,” said Hubbard.

In a just a short time, he’s already given 200 rides for seniors in Madison County using his own time and own gas money, Hubbard says he doesn’t mind giving the favor.

“It makes me feel good to give back. One day I may need a ride!” laughs Hubbard.