2018 midterm voters elect women in record-breaking numbers

JACKSON, Tenn. — The 2018 midterm elections saw more women voted into Congress than ever before.

“I think it is a step forward to helping move toward a legislature that looks more like the people it represents,” political science professor Sean Evans said.

Women all over the United States ran and won in unprecedented numbers.

“These women are going to bring the issues that they are concerned about, which typically, say, would be health care, education and things a lot like that,” Evans said.

What makes this midterm season more groundbreaking is the diversity among the women elected.

Native American,  Muslim, and LQBTQ members were voted in for the first time in some states.

“I think the minorities will feel now that, OK, we can get out and vote, because it does make a difference,” school board member Dorothy Black said.

This record-breaking change in Congress does not mean things will be smooth sailing in Washington.

“We are electing more people on the extremes regardless of sex, and those people are less likely to work with the other party to try and get things done,” Evans said.

Others say this diverse group is just what America needs.

“Diversity! Diversity! That’s what makes this country run better,” Black said.

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