Jackson-Madison County High School students can get free college credit

JACKSON, Tenn–Jackson-Madison County high school students now have a chance to receive free college credit, while they are in high school.

“Everybody wants to save money and I wish I had that opportunity,” said Dean of University of Memphis-Lambuth, Dr. Niles Reddick.

An opportunity organized by the Jackson-Madison County School System and the University of Memphis-Lambuth Campus.

The two partnered with a group called Modern States Education Alliance, a philanthropy to help make college degrees more affordable for students.

“If you have interest, if your motivated and you want to get a college credit through this then we want students to have the ability to do that,” said Jackson-Madison County Academic Chief Officer, Jared Myracle.

Myracle said the program is open to any Jackson-Madison County high school student.

“Every high school in the district will have access to the free vouchers that allow students to take the test,” said Myracle.

These free vouchers will cover the $87 College Level Examination Program (CLEP) test for at least 200 Jackson-Madison County high school students on a first come, first served basis.

“Each school is allotted a certain number of vouchers based on the number of students in the school,” said Myracle.

Students who are interested in taking the classes have the opportunity now to get more information about the courses.

Jackson-Madison County high school students have the opportunity to choose from more than 30 classes to receive dual credit from the University of Memphis-Lambuth and at their high school.

“But what that will do to them and what that will do more importantly, I think for their parents is save them extensively,” said Reddick.

“87 dollars for a college class vs. 3, 4, 5 thousand dollars for a college class, that’s, that’s hard to beat,” said Myracle.

Jackson-Madison County high school students can talk to their school counselor or teacher to get more information.

For more information on the courses students can take, click here.

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