Jackson City Council tables public-private partnership

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — After the County Commission voted yes to the public-private partnership Monday, it was the city’s turn to vote Tuesday.

“If the city doesn’t participate, there is no deal,” Hal Crocker said.

A financial adviser told the City Council that the budget is tight.

“The city is financially challenged for lots of different things that they need, and they only have a limited amount of tax revenue to meet all those needs,” Crocker said.

Ernest Brooks questioned if the new schools will actually help students’ education.

“My point was that for poor children, attending Madison may be a dream and not a reality,” Brooks said.

He thinks the schools are the county’s responsibility.

“The County Commission should be funding both of these schools,” Brooks said.

After that hour-and-a-half discussion, the public-private partnership was tabled.

“I’m actually disappointed to know that the council did not vote to enter into the public-private partnership today, but I’m encouraged that it was tabled to their next meeting,” school board member Shannon Stewart said.

Hal Crocker says there is still a possibility for more discussion next month.

“The delay of I guess approximately a month is not helpful, but I believe it’s over-comable,” Crocker said.

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