Drivers are urged to take precautions on roads with winter weather

JACKSON, Tenn.–With winter weather conditions among West Tennesseans, drivers are urged to take more caution on roads.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation prepared for the weather conditions by loading up their salt trucks the night before.

TDOT drivers went out on the roads laying down salt to melt as much snow as possible.

“Our interstates will always be our first priority and then were going to those mean state routes like US 45 and then tickle down to the three digit state routes there,” said the Community Relations Officer of the Tennessee Department of Transportation, Nichole Lawrence.

TDOT encourages drivers to take more time out for the morning commutes.

Tasks such as cleaning off your car or shoveling driveways should be added to drivers’ morning commutes with these weather conditions.

Drivers should also be careful of what TDOT call ‘trouble spots’ like bridges and overpasses.

Black ice is another trouble spot drivers should watch out for when on the roads.

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