What’s New Wednesday: Half-Priced Foods

Kimberly Spears says she is a bargain hunter.

“Any kind of deals or anything that catches my eye,” she says as she walks down the aisles of Half-Priced Foods inside Gimme A $5 in Jackson located on Carriage House Drive.

“It’s about getting half price foods and goods half-off from a Kroger and Walmart and getting half the quality of life and nutrition to you family,” said General Manager, Topher Jackson.
“A lot of companies have overstock and they don’t know where to put it and the items are not expired. No matter your income or walk of life, we have everything for the family.”

And that’s why Spears says she plans on coming back soon.

“I usually end up walking out with a lot more than I come in for!” Spears laughs.

Half-Priced Foods is offering a Black Friday special where everything half-priced is cut in half-again. This discount also applies each month.

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