What’s New Wednesday: Tacos 4 Life

Jacob Fox is visiting Jackson from Denver, Colorado.

He stopped by Tacos 4 Life on 1481 Vann Drive.

“The puffy tacos look super tasty. They taste delicious. Its great,” said Fox.

“We like to call our items gourmet tacos,” says Tacos 4 Life Store Lead, Ryan Butler.

Their kitchen offers a variety of gourmet items including chicken tacos, nachos, seafood and hand-made sauces.

What separates Tacos 4 Life from any other taco place is that $.022  from each meal goes towards a rice bag for a hungry child in need.

“Eighteen thousand children go hungry everyday so our mission is to end world hunger. You can see how much you have helped with the numbers board on the wall. We get into groups and box them up and find where to send it, mainly to Africa and Belize because they have limited infrastructure,” said Butler.

Ending world hunger one taco at a time is why Fox says he can’t wait to come back.

“It’s good food and going to a good cause,” said Fox.

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