Jefferson Award: Janice Biggs

“It’s my home away from home,” says 84-year-old Janice Biggs as she pets a puppy inside Frances Hensley Animal Shelter in Lexington.

“I love animals,” says Biggs.

Five days a week, she volunteers at the no-kill shelter which houses dozens of dogs and cats.

“My doctor said I had to have something to do. So, I came here and asked for a job.  Well what about laundry? I said I can!” said Biggs.

“She is a pistol. You don’t mess with her laundry room,” said Jennifer Laforgee, Executive Director of the animal shelter.

Janice is nicknamed the “puppy whisperer.”

“She will sit in rocking chair and rock the dogs and cats and give them extra attention they need,” said Laforgee.

That’s why she is November’s Jefferson Award honoree.

“That makes me feel really good! First time in my life I ever won anything. It only took 84 years!” said Biggs.

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