What’s New Wednesday: Caffeine Kisses

If you are driving down Highway 45 South, a cute little pink coffee shop may catch your eye.

“Pink and black are my trademark colors! They are my favorite colors,” says Caffeine Kisses owner, Nessa Tanner.

Tanner opened up Caffeine Kisses in Pinson just three months ago.

“I am a huge fan of Martha Stewart. She is my idol. I’m not even joking,” says Tanner.

Tanner lived in Alaska for a year and half where she got recipes from the North Pole, just in time for the holidays.

“Everything I learned is from the North Pole, Alaska. We brought a little of Alaska home with us,” said Tanner.

Now she is back home, her coffee shop is across the street from her elementary school in Pinson.

“I went to kindergarten and first grade there,” said Tanner.

The menu includes smoothies, baked goods, CBD oils, sandwiches, dairy-free and vegan treats.

“I wanted to incorporate my love of animals with my love of coffee,” said Tanner.

“It’s honestly probably the best coffee I’ve ever had in my life. I used to be hooked on Starbucks and then I was convinced otherwise,” said Tiffany Faust, customer.

“I want Nessa Tanner and Caffeine Kisses to be next household name and I’m not stopping until I get there,” said Tanner.

Caffeine Kisses is located at 4073 Highway 45 South in Pinson, Tennessee.

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