Liberty Tech holds memorial honoring crash victim Nyema Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. — At Liberty Tech a moment a silence was given for Nyema Jackson, who was killed this weekend in an ambulance crash last weekend.

The Liberty Tech girls basketball team took the time to hold a special memorial service as well as a way to show support for her daughter Nyjah Ingram, a sophomore who played for the team.

“After deep thought you know we had felt like something would be right to honor her.” Liberty Tech Girls Basketball Team Coach Aaron Woods. “You know she was a huge help to us in the summer and she was a huge supporter as well.”

Woods said Jackson and her daughter had a close bond.

“It was a beautiful bond they all had you know, Ms. Jackson was always there in all the games, cheering her on, showering her that tough love and Nyjah took it,” said Woods.

Team members also wore white headbands to honor both Jackson and her daughter, as well as paramedic Zachary Pruitt who was also killed in the crash.

“White was Nyjah’s favorite color and you know white symbolizes, you know, doves and I feel like Mrs. Jackson, she has gone on with God.”

As of now, Nyjah is staying with relatives. Right now there’s no official word on funeral arraignments for Nyema Jackson.

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