Burglary suspects lead Brownsville police on chase; crash in neighborhood

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — Police are looking for two people who are accused of breaking into a pharmacy in Brownsville.

“We were contacted by ADS Security that someone had entered into the pharmacy,” Mel Cox, owner of Hometown Drug Company, said.

The security company called the police.

“They actually came into the pharmacy and were able to get a few items, but nothing much,” Cox said.

He says, thankfully, the most serious drugs were locked up.

“They took [Phenergan and Phenergan DM] and some Robitussin,” he said.

The owner says the suspects also stole money out of the cash register. However, they didn’t make it far. The police soon caught up to them.

“I hear a crash, and it’s like cops coming for miles,” Jason Winchester said.

That crash was from the vehicle the suspects were driving. Winchester and his wife, Tamera, were able to catch the scene on camera.

“People running, cops and flashlights, all behind our yard and in the neighbor’s yard and stuff like that,” they described.

And what do you do when burglary suspects and police show up in your front yard at 3 in the morning?

“She says, ‘Go get the gun.’ That’s exactly what I did. You can’t argue with that one,” Jason Winchester said.

The police were able to recover the stolen property from the vehicle. However, they haven’t caught all the suspects.

“They said they were chasing a burglary, and they chased them here and wrecked, and they caught one, but they were still looking for those two other ones,” Tamera Winchester said.

Brownsville police, along with the Haywood County Sheriff’s Office, searched the Stoots Road area well into the morning.

Officials say they are still looking for the two suspects who fled the vehicle. They’re described as black males.

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