The importance of driving alert near school buses

JACKSON, Tenn. — This year school bus drivers are working with the law enforcement to help keep children safe.

Authorities with the Tennessee Highway Patrol say they have been getting an increase in complaints from cars not stopping while buses are loading and unloading.

They say there will be a zero tolerance policy for anyone doing anything dangerous around a bus or a school zone.

“Driving distracted around a bus in a school zone is reckless, it’s dangerous it’s stupid… don’t do it,” said Lieutenant Brad Wilbanks of the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Parents are being asked to train their child to wait and let the bus driver look both directions and signal for the child to come.

As a bus driver for nearly two decades, Elna Copley says driving pass a stopped bus even once… is one time too many.

“We should never ever.. .not even one time because that can be the one time that a child is injured or killed,” said Copley.


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