West Tennesseans go holiday shopping regardless of cold weather

JACKSON, Tenn– “People in Jackson usually get freaked out about weather,” said shopper Stephanie Ryan.

That was far from the case Sunday afternoon as shoppers filled stores to get their holiday shopping done.

Shopper Stephanie Ryan said she expected to see less people in stores.

“I’m still really surprised to see so that their are this many people out as bad as the weather has been ,” said Ryan.

“This morning it might have been kind of ruff on the bridges and overpasses and stuff but its all cleared up now so it all good, gotta get out and get it,” said shopper Matt Willis.

“When it comes to the weather being what they say it is usually. That doesn’t typically keep us indoors anyways were going to get out regardless,” said shopper Eric Barnhart.

Some shoppers said they attended church service without any issues on the roads.

“I was a little concerned about it to but um we made it to church ah we will be okay,” said Ryan.

“It was a little icy this morning but things have improved greatly. I was able to g to church and come over and do a little shopping,” said shopper Ed Vaughn.

Come good weather or bad weather some shoppers said if the stores are open they’ll be in them doing their holiday shopping.

“I’m grand mama so i’m going to get them toys, you know spoil them with stuff they need. Not stuff they want.” said Ryan.

“It’s an electric skillet I’ve been looking for since thanksgiving,” said Vaughn.

Shoppers also said it’s a good idea to head out to stores now before it’s too late.

“If you know what you want you need to come out and get it because it may not be here very much longer,” said Vaughn.

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