Sunny And Mild Today!

Weather Update 8:55 AM —

Good Morning West Tennessee. We’re still waiting on the dense fog to burn off this morning. Temps area wide have climbed back above freezing. Any freezing fog issues, will rapidly improve. Otherwise looking at the current state of the Mid-South we have mostly clear skies. We are situated on the east side of a broad ridge that is centered around the central and southern Plains. it is forecast to slowly deamplify as it moves eastward. The end result for us will be quiet weather along with mostly clear and sunny skies through the first half of the week. I expect plenty of sunshine today once fog dissipates. High should top off around 57°F. Tonight however, we may have a similar scenario with  the fog again. Will depend on how much cloud cover overspreads the region late this afternoon and evening, the short-ranged and hourly data is most clear, while global models bring in an extensive cloud cover. ultimately we’ll have to watch the trend this afternoon and evening of the real atmosphere.

Storm Team Meteorologist
Moe Shamell

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