Locals shop for last-minute gifts at Old Hickory Mall

JACKSON, Tenn. — Hundreds of shoppers are out and about looking for last-minute Christmas presents.

It’s a day before Christmas and all through the mall, people are out shopping for last-minute Christmas items.

“I am always a last-minute shopper,” said Kimberly Williams, shopper.  “I try to go earlier, but it never works out. Today I am buying shoes for my kids.”

“It seems like every year I am in here last-minute, trying to rush and get everything together,” shopper Drew Hill said.

Old Hickory Hall was buzzing Monday with crowds.

“I am last-minute Christmas shopping for my parents and my girl, and we are trying to get all this done because Christmas is tomorrow,” Hill said. “Candles to make the house smell good and some lotions for my mom, you know, something she would like.”

The most popular items with these shoppers is candles, clothing and shoes — just in time to get it under the Christmas tree.

“I went last-minute Christmas shopping, and getting the rest of my stuff done for my family, and went to Journeys and got myself some shoes,” said shopper, Nick Armour.

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