West Tennesseans shop for perfect Christmas meal

JACKSON, Tenn. — West Tennesseans are making sure they have everything in place to have the perfect Christmas meal.

“I did all the cooking during Thanksgiving. I refuse to do it this year,” LaTasha Perkins said as she was picking up her ham Monday at Honey Baked Ham.

She says after all the other shopping she’ll be doing, she’ll be exhausted. “You might as well just come and get it. It’s already ready. All you gotta do is heat it up and go,” she said.

The manager of Honey Baked Ham says they expect to see longer lines Monday since Christmas is on a Tuesday.

“We were open all weekend,” Katryna Johnson said. “We did well there, helped bring people in a little earlier to get their ham this year, so we’re hoping to keep it down as much as we can.”

The doors opened at 8 Monday morning, and the line didn’t stop growing.

But we all know Christmas dinner wouldn’t be complete without desserts, and another local business has you covered there.

“This time of year, definitely sweets are where it’s at,” Matt Childress, owner of Woodstock Bake Shop, said. “That’s what everyone’s wanting. Thank goodness that’s what we like.”

Childress says this has been their best holiday season in the seven years they’ve been open.

“I know today has been a big cake ball day,” Childress said. “I know I’ve got 13 dozen pre-sold in the cake balls. In the cupcakes, I know I’ve got close to 1,000 sitting in the back right now.”

One family came in to get cupcakes for the family — and Santa.

“He gets tired of cookies after a while, so he needs something a little bit different,” Keith Jackson said.

And Woodstock Bake Shop is making sure everyone smiles when they open a box of their cupcakes.

“In every box we have a handwritten message, and fortunately we get a lot of feedback saying that really impacted my day,” Childress said. “So that’s what we look forward to the most, just the little things like that.”

Honey Baked says they still have ham and turkey available, so if you come in they’ll make sure you get everything you need for your meal.

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