Jefferson Award: Elaine Christian

Elaine Christian says she started her career with the Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce with a desire to make the community better.

Chances are if you are ever inside the Jackson Madison County Library, you wont just find books, you’ll find Christian.

“As a child, my mother always took me to the library,” said Christian.

She loves books and says it’s tough for her to pick a favorite genre.

“I don’t know about favorites, usually, my favorites are what I’m reading right now,” said Christian.

When she isn’t reading, she’s fundraising. As the Chair of Board of Trustees for the Library, she’s turned the page with a signature fundraiser called the “Books of Madison County” which she says has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“It helps economic development and the community. It really represents what a community thinks about itself when you see how vibrant and active the library is,” said Christian.

“She’s perceptive enough to know where we go and appreciate where we’ve been and I think those are important qualities,” said Amy Dietrich, Christian’s friend.

Those qualities are why Christian is December’s honoree of the Jefferson Award.

“It takes a lot to make your community better and I feel like you need to give back,” said Christian.

Christian is also on the board with the Kirkland Cancer Center, the Symphony organization and Boy Scouts.
She received The Silver Beaver award in 1999.