RIFA soup kitchen still open for Christmas meals

JACKSON, Tenn. – A local organization is bringing warmth and joy to those in need.

While many families spent their Christmas at home opening up Christmas presents, others volunteered in the soup kitchen at RIFA.

“I have always tried to bring hope to people whether they are of a upper class or a lower class, Jesus loves everybody the same and it’s Christmas,” volunteer Casey Cupples said.

RIFA received help from a special guest, Montel Williams.

“There is so many people who are really alone at Christmas and don’t have family and friends, so it’s just an opportunity to give some love back,” Williams said.

The soup kitchen served more than 170 people on Christmas Day, thanks to the help of 70 volunteers.

Susan MacFarland says they want to make sure no one is alone during Christmas.

“Some of these people go the whole day, and no one ever says hello to them or speaks to them,” she said.

MacFarland says everyone is always welcome at RIFA.

“These people don’t have family to go to, so it’s great to be here and just be family for them,” she said.

RIFA’s soup kitchen is always open to the public and everyone is welcome.

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