Youtube star chows down for food eating competition in Hub City

JACKSON, Tenn. –A Youtube star visits the Hub City for a food eating competition.
Randy Santel visited KC Finns food truck in South Jackson Wednesday afternoon.
He is on the southeast part of his tour. He ate a burger with 16 slices of cheese, 8 half pound beef patties, plus a diet coke and one pound of fries.

“I was able to get the juicy burger down while it was still hot and juicy so that help me get it down. I didn’t have to use much liquids and it was Christmas yesterday. My uncle makes some really good food, so I trained a lot with all of that food and that helped me get ready for the day,” said Santel.

Santel finished the meal in 12 minutes in 44 seconds and won a t-shirt. He has won more than 690 eating competitions.

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