A local county continues to face flooded roads

SAVANNAH, Tenn– Flooding is no stranger to the people in Hardin County, some said it floods so much they find ways to avoid it.

“In the country there’s like a lot of back roads that you can just take, or like little shortcuts around so, it’s not very much of a big deal whenever it does come down to a flood,” said Megan Walker, Hardin County resident.

“The rivers at 375 which is about 5 foot above flood stage, and were expecting the river to come up about 2 more feet,” said Fire Chief Melvin Martin of the Hardin County Fire Department.

But even with more rain coming the Hardin County Fire Chief Melvin Martin said it isn’t as severe as the flooding he’s seen years before.

“Flood stage is at 370, it’s about 5 ft above flood stage right now,” said Martin.

“Down Coffee Land Road all that down there usually flood out a good bit,” said Trevor Balentine, a Hardin County Resident.

“So we have a few roads closed but not a lot,” said Martin.

With road closures, some people who live in Hardin County said it’s about time something be done about it.

“We should be able to take some steps forward to fix it,” said Balentine.

Until it does get fixed, Martin encourages Hardin County drivers to be cautious of the flooded areas.

“We just like to remind people to not drive through any flooded roads because, you know its hazardous,” Martin said.

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