What’s New Wednesday: Dannuhcakes Sweet Shop

An Adamsville mother and daughter had a sweet idea to start a business.

On Main Street in the small town of Adamsville, Tennessee with a population of 2,200 and one stop light, you’ll find Dannuhcakes Sweet Shop.

Owner Deanna Bradley says her idea for the business all started when her family bought her a birthday cake.

“It had some peace signs drawn on it and I looked at it and thought, ‘I can do that. I can do it better,'” said Bradley.

From there, she started baking cookies and cakes in her family’s kitchen.

“And we have a tiny kitchen and a counter space that’s really small. We were overflowing in our house,” Bradley laughs.

They had so many orders, they delivered door to door. Now, she works in her own sweet shop with her mom who some nickname “Patty-cakes.”

“We’re a team. I’m no good without her and she’s no good without me. That’s what I always say,” said Deanna’s mother, Patricia Vandier or “Patty-cakes.”

“We’re kind of a tag team!” says Bradley.

Together, they make no-bake cookies, brownies, cupcakes and sugar cookies. Over the holidays, Bradley made 1,800 cookies in eight days.

“I love it so much, when I decorate, it’s me,” said Bradley.

They have even made sweets for community projects for no profit. You can try the sweet treats fresh to order at 134 Main Street in Adamsville.

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