Several attend a TWRA public meeting with questions regarding CWD

JACKSON, Tenn.–Since the public has been informed of more deer being infected with Chronic Wasting Disease, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency said they have received an increase of questions.

“This is why were are having the public meeting. We want to answer the questions,” said Amy Spencer, with TWRA’s Outreach and Communications.

TWRA scheduled a public meeting Tuesday night, where seats were filled with people.

TWRA leaders asked attendees to fill out cards with questions they may have.

Wildlife Veterinarian Dan Grove answered some of those questions within the first two slides of his presentation.

For instance, is it safe to eat an animal infected with CWD?

“The recommendation from the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control, is to not eat meat from a known infected animal,” Grove said.

Or what kinds of deer are being infected in West Tennessee?

“The susceptible species here in Tennessee are going to be are white-tail deer and our elk,” Grove said.

Other serious questions included concerns that the disease is infectious to other animals.

“It’s not known to be infectious to cattle, sheep or goats, or other domestic livestock,” Grove said.

Grove also added there is no known treatment for the disease, but is asking for the help of local hunters to assist the TWRA in their research.

“These will not be overnight changes. You’re not going to see the disease progress at an outrageous rate. You’re not going to see a bunch of dead animals on the landscape, and it’s going to be a long-term sustained effort that we need your help for fighting,” Grove said.

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