Sunny But Cold And Breezy Today!

Weather Update 7:29 AM Wednesday, January 9 —

We’re off to a MUCH colder start this morning.  Temps overnight slowly fell through the 40s and now into the upper 30s this morning as the sun is rising. There is still a persistent northwest wind that will continue all day as well. That will keep the wind chills today between 38 and 40 degrees most of the day. Forecast high is around 47 this afternoon. but it wont feel like it at all. A secondary dry front will slide south across the region. It wont be readily apparent it went but until tonight when lows bottom out around 25 degrees. A broad area of surface high pressure will be in place through tomorrow afternoon. northwesterly flow around the high pressure will keep temps struggling Thursday to make it to 40 degrees.

Storm Team Meteorologist
Moe Shamell

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