Small businesses in Jackson look forward to 2019

JACKSON, Tenn. — Small business owners in Jackson have high hopes for the new year.

“Obviously small business has done well,” Randy McKinnon, president of TLM Associates, said. “The number of people coming into town every day continues to grow.”

City leaders say that is helping small businesses in Jackson continue to grow.

“Small businesses did very well this past year,” Mayor Jerry Gist said. “We expect really a greater year next year. They are this city’s biggest employer.”

In 2018, 473 new businesses opened in the Hub city. Business owners say the city has helped them in many ways.

“The Jackson Walk, tremendous. It has really helped us downtown do signs and printing, all types of business,” Susan Stewart, owner of Express Printing, Signs and Shipping, said.

Another thing small business owners say the city has done to help them is change the parking in downtown from one hour to two hours, giving people more time to spend inside their stores.

McKinnon says small businesses are important in Jackson because of the range of people they’re serving. “The clients we serve are smaller communities throughout rural West Tennessee, and so they need that one-on-one connection, and we build on those relationships.”

Mayor Gist says small businesses will only grow in 2019. “We are the economic epicenter of West Tennessee, and these people understand that,” Gist said.

Of the 473 new businesses, only 37 closed in 2018.

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