A Hub City cleaning traditions comes to an end

JACKSON, Tenn. – Today was the last day for a Hub City Christmas cleaning tradition.

Once Christmas is over, it’s time to decide what to do with that live tree in your home. Keeping Jackson Beautiful hosted its annual “Chippin of the Greens” for the past two weeks.

“The mission is recycle. Reduce and recycle,” said Jodi Jacobs, Director of Keeping Jackson Beautiful. “Which we are reducing the mound in the landfill and reusing the trees for chips.”

Today was the last day get your evergreens recycled.

Once you’ve dropped off your tree to be recycled, you can come back and pick up wood chips to use in your garden or any other places in your home.

“You can use them like on a trail or in an animal stable or dog pen or something. If you want to use them in your landscaping to let them cure out.”

Because of the weather they had to start much earlier this year.

“We had two wood chippers out here. They were sponsored by JEA and they came out. We usually are chipping right now but we chipped early. We started at 7 today because of the weather we are trying to get it done before it starts raining because if they are wet its hard to chip.”

The director says their biggest goal is to educate the community on the importance of recycling and reusing.

“It keeps space in the landfill and then there is all the good uses for it. Its community, you know, to let the community it helps them be aware of Keep Jackson Beautiful and aware of recycling so you know that’s one of our goals is to educate about recycling.”

Keeping Jackson Beautiful will host its next ‘Chippin of the Greens’ at the end of the year.

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