Viral video shows child falling out of car; local experts give safety tips

JACKSON, Tenn. — A viral video out of Minnesota shows a child, in a car seat, falling out of the back seat of a car.

“My guess is the seat wasn’t buckled in or the latch was not completely connected,” Cathie Cothern, with Safe Kids, said

Cothern says there are several ways to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. “Using either the lower anchors and tethers, which are built into car seats that were built after 2002, or the seat belt and the tether if it’s a forward-facing seat.”

And to know it’s installed correctly, the seat shouldn’t move an inch in any direction.

Believe it or not, car seats and booster seats actually expire. Experts say to find the date of production, and replace it after six years.

“During those six years, look for recalls, and also get a new seat if it’s ever been in a crash,” Cothern said.

There are also a few laws here in Tennessee regarding car seats.

“Every child should be rear facing from birth until 20 pounds and one year,” Cothern said. “After the age of four, a high-back booster with a belt positioning seat belt is recommended, and it is the law.”

Cothern says no car seat should ever be in the front seat.

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