Some warrants issued in Jackson City court may be in question

DOWNTOWN JACKSON, Tenn. — A new discovery from the local district attorney’s office shows some warrants processed in Jackson City Court may not have been properly issued.

“A court officer indicated to me that for some time he had not sworn… been under oath when the warrants were issued in Jackson City Court,” said District Attorney General Jody Pickens .

Pickens says this was discovered on January 4, when a felony drug case was dismissed after a judge determined a warrant was not issued properly.

“The law requires before an arrest warrant is issued that the affiant be placed under oath before being issued by the clerk,” said Pickens.

Pickens says from a legal perspective, warrants not administered under oath could be void.

“Those type of cases can range anywhere from first degree murder to public intoxication,” Pickens added.

He says he has contacted more than 50 defense attorneys who have done work in Jackson City Court, making them aware of the issue. He says they can take any actions they deem appropriate in regards to their clients.

“We were being open and transparent about this, and wanted to give them the information so that they could move forward if need be,”  Pickens said.

He said not all cases have been affected, but the number that have, is unknown. He also says this issue may have been occurring for a number of years.

“The scope of the problem is significant, and we’re trying to get our hands around it,” said Pickens.

Pickens said as for pending cases, warrants may be reissued after being sworn properly.

We contacted City Court Clerk Daryl Hubbard who said he was unavailable to comment further until next week.

Pickens emphasized the issue does not appear to have originated with the district attorney’s office, the Jackson Police Department or City Court Judge Blake Anderson.

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