Warmer Over The Weekend

Weather Update 9:50 AM January 26th —


A few snow showers left some very light accumulations in scattered areas of west Tennessee overnight. Snow showers have since moved out and we are in for a warmer day ahead.  In fact, temperatures will warm to the upper 40’s today in the afternoon with mostly sunny skies.

(Snow In The Parking Lot Earlier Saturday Morning)

Temperatures quickly warm above freezing this morning! Even warmer on Sunday as we warm to around 50 degrees in the warmest part of the day.

We are watching overnight Monday of next week for what could be a larger winter event. It is still a few days out and could change between now and then, but the concern is bitter cold coming in with the system and anything that falls will likely hang around a while. Stay tuned for future updates.


Brian Davis

Storm Team Meteorologist

Twitter: @brian7wbbj
Facebook: www.facebook.com/briandaviswbbj
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