Health officials: Flu is on the rise in some West Tennessee schools

JACKSON, Tenn. — With cold temperatures over the last couple weeks, local health experts said more and more people have come down with the flu, specifically students.

Some students from Jackson Christian Elementary School have been out of school because of it.

“About 20-25 is what we have had, and I think a lot of things factor into this,” Jackson Christian Elementary School Director Linda Bradford said.

Bradford said having students out sick is common during this time of year.

“It’s been so rainy, it’s been so cold, that you can’t go outside because of the temperature,” Bradford said. “When you stay inside too much, those germs are just there.”

Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department Epidemiologist Shanna Shearon said flu cases are increasing in schools.

“Schools are one place that is very easy to spread things, quickly too, especially in your younger elementary schools,” Shearon said.

“Lately, just the last few weeks, we really started to see those numbers start climbing,” Shearon said. “I’m sure someone knows someone with the flu now, but Madison County is higher than quite a few of the other counties and regions in the state.”

To help fight the flu, Shearon said you should start by sanitizing household surfaces.

Obion County Central High School along with Clarksburg High School will be closed until Monday due to the flu.

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