Trinity Christian Academy students cheer on Carroll Academy

JACKSON, Tenn. — Trinity Christian Academy students and staff flooded their gymnasium for a unique basketball game.

“Here we’re treated like royalty. That’s a big deal for the girls because they’re not used to that,” said Carroll Academy supervisor Patrick Steele.

Carroll Academy is a small school that does not get much support from the stands.

“We’re used to not having many people cheer us on and I can say that you know the motivation really lifts you up,” said Carrol Academy player Cloie Vestal.

The gymnasium was filled with green and purple, with half of the students rooting for Trinity Christian Academy and the other half cheering for Carroll Academy.

“It’s more motivating to them, hearing all the students cheering and it builds them up, motivate them… they try harder, perform harder,” said Steele.

This is the twelfth year that Trinity Christian Academy has hosted the game against Carroll Academy. Trinity’s head of school, Judy Brown says it is a great time to fellowship and intentionally encourage others.

“They have cheerleaders for them, and a cheering section for them. They’re not used to that, so it’s a big deal,” said Steele.

Carroll Academy team members say they normally look to each other for support, but the extra motivation helps even more.

“If one gives up all gives up. So you know if you have that one person that lifts each teammate up, and the motivation on top of that… you’re team works together and if they’re head goes down you pick them up,” said Vestal.

The two schools plan to host the game again next year.

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