What’s New Wednesday: Top Notch Sports and Fitness Training

MEDINA, Tenn.–R.J. Rayborn has a passion for baseball.

“Baseball is life to me. It was basically a bonding what Dad and I did. We got away to hit balls and get away in life. It was our safe haven,” said Rayborn.

He was a former professional baseball player for the minor leagues. When he had a son, he decided to open his own business in Medina called “Top Notch Sports and Fitness Training.”

“My son was my driving force,” said Rayborn.

He leads boot-camp high intensity interval training (HIIT) classes for all ages.

“I needed to get fit and wasn’t very strong,” said 7-year-old Colton Delagarde.

“I can tell a huge difference in my stamina and strength,” said Kelly Buck, Top Notch gym member.

“My greatest thing is to give back to the kids and help them with their dreams coming true,” said Rayborn.

Now, Rayborn has brought his safe haven to home plate inside the Top Notch gym.

“It’s been nothing but a blessing. If they want to get bigger or stronger or better at baseball, this is the place for you,” said Rayborn.

Top Notch Sports and Fitness Training is located at 440 Blackmon Street in Medina.

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