Local elementary school dyslexia program helps students

MILAN, Tenn. —  The READ Program at Milan Elementary School is offering aid to students with dyslexia.

“If you look at the famous people, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, those people that had dyslexia. Their abilities to do other things are so much more and beyond than just ‘I can’t spell and I have trouble writing,'” READ Program coordinator Beth Glover said.

This program takes all students with dyslexic tendencies, not just those who need the most help.

“We take those kids who have any struggles at all and try to bring them up,” said Glover.

Students seeking to enter the program must get the DIBELS screening, which is an early literacy test to see if a child may be at risk for literacy problems.

The test helps place students into three tiers, which determines how much help they need.

Tier 1 requires the least amount of help, while Tier 3 needs the most.

“We have some that maybe are doing some letter flipping, but then we have some who are not able to read any of the words,” school district resource specialist Natalie Alexander said.

Some symptoms of dyslexia include speech and language trouble, long term memory issues, and difficulty with understanding the order of information.

Megan Tidwell , the 2019 Miss Jackson Iris Teen, was in the program when she was younger.

Her platform is Dyslexia Awareness: Unlock and Empower.

“I didn’t learn the same way in classes. That was one of the reasons my mom got me tested. Her having me in her class, she saw how I didn’t learn the same way as other kids and how hard it was,” Tidwell said.

Tidwell says knowing about her dyslexia helped her understand why it takes longer to learn something and why she has to learn in a different way.

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