What’s New Wednesday: UrbanHouse the Venue


UrbanHouse the Venue in Henderson is where industrial chic meets southern comfort. The building in downtown Henderson is 120-years-old. Owner Robin Bernard renovated it in between her music career.

“There is really an art to it,” said Bernard.

It houses an Espresso cafe, plus a venue space for concerts, events, art classes, and weddings. Guests can rent these spaces.

“It’s the third-wave movement. We produce coffee and it’s like treating it as fine wine or chocolates,” said Bernard.

Once a month, UbranHouse the Venue has singer/songwriter night to promote local artists. Enjoy your caffeine infusion and the historic vibe.

“It isn’t just the coffee and food, it’s an experience. It’s also about connecting,” said Bernard.

UrbanHouse the Venue is located 113 South Washington Avenue in Henderson.

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