Another Cold Night On The Way

Weather Update– friday February 8 —

Mainly sunny and cold today as temperatures struggle climbing through the upper 20s and low 39s today. An area of high pressure will gradually slide east from the central Plains into the Ohio valley tonight into Saturday morning. Therein lies the challenge for the overnight low temperatures.

To the south the main arctic frontal boundary has stalled along the Texas Gulf Coast/Mexican border. This afternoon there was already a concentration of clouds and wintry precipitation. This is the result of subtropical jet sending warmer moist air over the arctic air at the surface. The upper shear will spread a cloud shield northward with time. Some of those clouds are already visible in the form of wispy cirrus clouds. Depending on the cloud coverage, low temperatures may end up bottoming out around the middle 20s tonight, or upper teens. It will depend on the influence the surface high has on the area. Either way the southern system will ultimately win, which will make for more cloud cover on Saturday, and slightly warmer temps as well.

Storm Team Meteorologist
Moe Shamell