Tennessee State Guard welcomes new commander

JACKSON, Tenn. – A new commander is set to take charge of the Tennessee State Guard.

The Tennessee State Guard held a change of command ceremony, which was held at the Tennessee National Guard Armory Unit Headquarters. Joseph Ruff relieved Larry Smith as the new commander for the first regiment of the Tennessee State Guard.

“He’s a very capable man, great man as executive officer and we saw so much. You are never going to find somebody who agrees with you on everything,” former commander Joseph Ruff said.

Ruff reflects back on his role when he was commander.

“A lot of responsibility. A lot of people depending on you and you know you can’t let them down. The number one thing you got to do in that position is take care of your people,” Ruff said.

Smith says he is thrilled to be the new commander.

“It feels awful good. I mean there’s no other way to say it,” said Smith.

He says he will do his duty as the new commander.

“The name of the game is responsibility and the ability to lead a regimen of men,” Smith said.

The Tennessee State Guard says they are looking for members to join.

You can click on ‘Seen on 7’ to learn more about the requirements needed to join.

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