State leaders discuss marijuana, school vouchers, Megasite

JACKSON, Tenn. — Marijuana, school vouchers and the Megasite were three big topics discussed at Friday’s Capitol Talk in Jackson.

All three of the representatives present agreed recreational marijuana is a bad idea.

“I think we need medical marijuana. I think it’s a good source for easing pain,” Rep. Johnny Shaw, D-Bolivar, said.

“We talked about hemp, we talked about what it can do. We haven’t found any negatives with hemp other than it’s very labor intensive, to gather the oil, for example,” Rep. Chris Todd, R-Humboldt, said.

Another question they answered — Do they support school vouchers?

“They’re doing a very very good job at educating our children, and I think Madison County is headed in the right direction, so I would not be for vouchers just for that reason,” Sen. Ed Jackson, R-Jackson, said.

Lastly, they discussed a story we’ve been following for years, the Megasite.

“I think the Megasite is still on target. I really believe it is because we’ve invested so much money, and I’m not sure we could sell it and get the money back out of it if we didn’t go ahead and finish it at this point,” Rep. Shaw said.

All three representatives were also very thankful for Governor Bill Lee’s first executive order to bring internet to rural parts of West Tennessee.

Another thing Sen. Jackson said we can look forward to in 2019 is more funding for tourism across West Tennessee.

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