Local church celebrates 150 years of service

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local church is celebrating a huge milestone.

Sunday was a big day of celebration for Aldersgate United Methodist Church.

“We are having a large reception following the church service,” church member Cindy Wagster said. “The church service has lots of special music today.”

The church is celebrating 150 years of service. It started in 1869, when the church first opened its doors as a new place to go and worship on the corner of Hays Avenue and Dupree Street.

“Hays Avenue was the original church. Around 1980, Aldersgate United Methodist Church was built, and the old Hays Avenue was sold at that time,” Wagster said.

The church has now moved to its current location on North Parkway and Campbell Street.

Wagster says the church has been home to some members for decades.

“Since we’ve been here, it has attracted people from all over who are looking for a place with very friendly people who just want that sense of community that this church offers,” Wagster said.

She says the anniversary is a celebration for generations of church members.

“It is sort of a reunion and a homecoming and a celebration at the same time,” Wagster said. “So far, we are seeing so many familiar faces we haven’t seen in a long time. Some people are driving quite a distance to get here for this.”

Members of the church also celebrated with a special dinner where they were able to fellowship following the anniversary ceremony.

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