Vandalism reported at multiple local parks

JACKSON, Tenn. — There are multiple reports of vandalism in local parks across Jackson.

According to Tony Black with the Jackson Recreation and Parks Department, three parks have been hit with graffiti over the course of three days.

North Park, Liberty Garden and Muse Park have all been affected, with the latest being Tuesday night.

“On occasions, we’ve had this happen, but never to the degree that it has happened now,” Black said.

In addition to the graffiti, Black says tissue has been set on fire inside of bathrooms as well.

“What happens is the tissue will smut up the room, and we will have to repaint it,” Black said.

He says they are depending on the public to alert officers when they see illegal acts taking place in the parks.

“We’re going to put cameras to focus on the buildings. That’s in the works. I am going to do that,” Black said.

The cameras are just one of the preventative measures the department is taking to put an end to the bathroom vandalism.

“We’re now actually locking them a little bit earlier, to avoid this situation,” Black said.

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