EMA director warns of possible flooding in Madison County

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — With the ground already saturated, there’s nowhere left for the water to go.

“It just keeps building, and all of the low-lying areas are already full,” Jackson-Madison County Emergency Management Agency Director Marty Clements said.

With flood warnings across West Tennessee through the weekend, Clements says Madison County needs to be ready.

“We’re caught in between, so sooner or later it’s going to start getting here,” Clements said.

Certain areas will see the effects of the heavy rains first.

“The Bemis area, out on Perry Switch Road. There’s some places out in Beech Bluff, Denmark area. Mercer, Three Way, there’s some areas there,” Clements said.

If flooding is normal in your neighborhood, Clements wants residents to start preparing before the weekend.

“If you’ve flooded before, you need to go ahead and make preparations for it,” he said.

If you’ve been dumping leaves and brush into the drains, that might become a problem when the rain starts to fall.

“If it does hit hard somewhere, the water’s got to go somewhere, and it’s just going to rush,” Clements said.

He also wants to remind pet owners to watch out for their animals.

“Watch out for your pets. Don’t chain your dog up in the backyard where he has to get on top of the dog house,” he said.

And if the rising water does reach your house, be prepared to leave.

“If you have to evacuate or leave, know what you have to take with you and have that prepared in a backpack or plastic tub or something so you can get out quick,” Clements said.

He also reminds drivers to pay attention to signs on the roads, and if a road is flooded, don’t drive through it.

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