Jefferson Award: Michelle Brewer

Michelle Brewer works as a sergeant for Henry County Sheriff’s Department.

She is also a school resource officer at Rhea School in Paris where she noticed a need.

“When I got into the school system, I saw there were kids that didn’t have clothes, shoes and food and things like that, so I started collecting items in my patrol car,” she says.

That’s when a man who wants to remain anonymous did a great deed.

“A gentleman said he wanted to donate a building, so he donated the whole building,” said Sgt. Brewer.

That building is called “The Shed.”

“It is for families in need just down on their luck,” said Sgt. Brewer.

Brewer and volunteers donate personal hygiene products, clothing and household items for families in need.

“When you get here and meet those families, they are so appreciative and they sit here and cry with you. I took a little boy the other day who was 5 and does his own laundry. The only thing he wanted was laundry detergent, not a toy,” said Sgt. Brewer.

“It has touched many people in this community. Also, any time there is a fire or someone needs the basics in life, she’ll start getting calls in the house and come to The Shed,” says Sgt. Brewer’s husband, Cpt. John Brewer.

Brewer says she hopes to continue to help as many families in need as she can and shed light on the community.

“We probably are just as blessed as they are when they leave,” says Sgt. Brewer.

The items at The Shed are all donations. Families wanting to apply simply need to message The Shed’s Facebook page or contact the Henry County Sheriff’s Department. All items are free.