Black History Month: Indigo Scents

JACKSON, Tenn– “We provide the ultimate aromatherapy experience,” said Christal King, owner of Indigo Scents.

Small business owner Christal King stepped foot into the candle world a little over a year ago.
But King said candles is nothing new to her.
“I’ve been making candles for about 6 years now,” said Christal King.
“Well candles was always like a passion of mine, I used to love to go home, when I get off work, light a candle take a bubble bath, they were therapeutic for me,” King said.
King said being a small business owner in West Tennessee has not always been easy.
“So not being from this area, I didn’t have that built in customer base family, friends,” said King.
However, it wasn’t long before her business peaked the interest of many.
“It’s more like my little community, my little indigo community, because I look at my customers as more than just a customer, I look at them as family,” King said.
“That all of her things that she’s made, I know where it’s coming from, she loves to hear our input, she knows the scents that I love already,” Andrea Winchester, customer.
“Everything is handmade, at home, candles that are made from the heart, you know I put my heart into it,” King said.
King said now that her Indigo family has grown her next goal is to get a manufacturing facility.
Indigo Scents is located at 202 W Lafayette Street, Jackson, TN.
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