Emergency Management Agency gives insight on severe weather awareness

JACKSON, Tenn. – National Weather Service Storm Spotters travel from Memphis to different areas in West Tennessee to train local first responders and the public on how to observe weather conditions.

“How to read the clouds and the temperature and down to stay up on it so a skyward person is out traveling somewhere or in their own home looking up at the sky seeing they can give credible information,” said Marty Clements, director of emergency management agency for Madison County.

Storm spotters in West Tennessee are extremely valuable whenever a natural disaster strikes.

“Information back to us that we can use to determine if we do have tornado or if we have some severe thunderstorms coming or hail,” said Clements.

Clements says he wants to provide the community with some tips in order to prepare for a storm.

They also have what they call HAM operators which Clements says plays a big role in the operations center.

“Those people we rely on most of them are Skywarn spotters and stuff so they are out and they get the information back to us through the radio,” said Clements.

Operators will sit in a room to relays messages back to the community.

“If a cell tower are down or the landlines are down these guys can go out with just some little wire and duct tape and they can get up and have a place going and they can talk to people all over the United States.

Clements says its important to always be vigilant and well prepared..

“Get some of your important paperwork ready. if you have a storm shelter or if you have interior part of your house or lower basement go ahead and have those,” said Clements.


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