Local high school holds active shooter drill

JACKSON, Tenn. — One local school practices what to do should there be an active shooter situation.


Jackson-Madison County school leaders and North Side High School students practiced what to do during an active shooter situation Monday morning.

“It’s fresh on students’ minds with the Parkland incident that happened,” North Side Assistant Principal Mia Moore said. “With all the students and the marchers and everything, it really touched our students to think what if it was us.”

A few extra steps and simple precautions can save a life.

“It’s barricading your rooms, whether you’re in the hallway, get to a place, hide, be quiet, don’t move, try to be as silent as possible,” Jackson-Madison County School System Inventory and Safety Coordinator Shamekah Douglas said.

Moore says she worries for her students’ safety.

“It’s a prayer every morning. God, please keep us safe,” she said. “So it’s sad that we have to, but at the same time we’re aware of it and we have to be proactive and trying to protect our kids and protect our building.”

The Tennessee Department of Safety and the Madison County Sheriff’s Office also participated in the drill.

Douglas says the training helps remind students and staff of one thing.

“If this type of situation happens, your main goal is to stay alive, and you have to do whatever it takes for you to stay alive,” Douglas said.

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