Water service cut in parts of Hardin Co. due to damage

HARDIN COUNTY, Tenn. — The Savannah Utility Department has shut off water service to the areas of Wharf Road and Arnold Lane in Pyburn and Russell Chapel Lane on North Clifton Road due to major leaks.

The areas will be without water service from Savannah Utility Department until the water recedes and damage to the infrastructure can be assessed.

Savannah Utilities will be working with the Hardin County Fire Department and Emergency Management Agency in setting up a potable water distribution station at the old Cerro Gordo School, or at the District 4 Fire Department.

The outage is not expected to affect residents on North Clifton Road or the side roads off Clifton Road.

Valves have been closed at Indian Creek to prevent infiltration and ensure that residents in the North Clifton Road area will continue to have water service.

Residents in Saltillo or who are served by the Saltillo Utility District can also get bottles of water at the Hooker’s Bend District 15 station at 36 St. Paul Loop in Morris Chapel. The Saltillo Community Center at 47680 TN-69 also has available drinking water.

They will also have nonpotable water, or water that is not of drinking quality, at both locations. For non-potable water, residents are asked to bring their own containers.

Saltillo is also under a mandatory boil water alert until further notice.

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