Local gifted students take field trip to hospital

JACKSON, Tenn. — Sixty-two gifted fourth and fifth grade students from all 12 schools in Jackson-Madison County took an educational field trip Tuesday morning.

“We’ve just completed a unit of study on their brains, and he’s talking to them today about their brains,” said Gretta Aldrich, a gifted teacher in JMCSS.

Students met with Dr. Chip Scott, a neurosurgeon at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital.

Dr. Scott talked with the students about the brain, showed them MRI photos, and even gave them candy for answering questions right.

Students talked about what they learned from Dr. Scott.

“We learned about how neurosurgeons work on the brain and how they work on the spinal cord,” said Gracie Bratcher, a student and Community Montessori School.

“They all work together to do different things with your body,” said Caleb Williams, a student at Pope Elementary.

“How there’s like a lot of different parts and how that they help you see and walk and balance,” said Alece Davis, a student at Pope Elementary.

Students also talked about what they’re excited to learn.

“Just learning about how all of the parts of the brain work together,” Davis said.

“To learn about what you can do with the brain and how it functions,” Williams said.

“Probably just learning about how all of the brain works, because that’s something I’ve always been interested in,” Bratcher said.

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