Flood victims seek relief in Hardin County

SAVANNAH, Tenn.– A picture of Melissa Craven’s house has been shared more than 200 times on Facebook after it started floating down the Tennessee River.


“My house came off the foundation, the whole house, and it’s floating north towards the Savannah Bridge,” she said.

Craven and her pets barely made it out alive, but her house and everything in it may be destroyed.

“From pictures being sent, it’s kind of docked in a field right now. But everything is gone, everything I own,” she said.

Her family’s biggest needs: “Just to have some sort of peace as far as a roof over our heads, food.”

This isn’t the first time the people of Hardin County have needed each other in an emergency, so the Savannah Church of Christ was prepared with the House of Hope.

“We have a ministry here called the House of Hope, which is next door to the church here at Savannah that we have ministered to different people,” Greg Cochran, who is leading relief efforts at the church, said.

The ministry officially opened in the beginning of February, and members say it was perfect timing.

“The community has been great in supporting us in monetary effort and bringing us stuff,” Cochran said.

He says that’s what makes Hardin County home.

“We have special people in this county, and when the need arises, they fulfill it,” he said.

Cochran says the biggest thing needed right now is money. But soon they will need bleach, cleaning supplies, buckets, garbage bags, and gloves.

Checks can be made out to the Savannah Church of Christ, 1175 Pickwick Road, Savannah, TN 38372.

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