New scam targets victims of flooding

A new scam circulating is targeting victims of flooding who need repairs or cleaning work done.

The scam targets the elderly, those with special needs, and residents who have never been through a natural disaster.

Many organizations begin to set up after a natural disaster, like the flooding that occurred across Tennessee over the last week, and those organizations take money donated to help victims.

Victims of flooding or any other natural disaster are reminded to consider the following when looking for help during recovery:

  • Never pay for work in advance
  • Have costs, a timetable, and a description of the work in writing
  • Make sure the contracted company is registered to work in your county
  • Check references
  • Check with your insurance company before having any work done
  • Never make donations without checking with the Better Business Bureau

Officials also ask people affected by flooding to make a plan with friends, relatives, and neighbors. They also say to contact your local emergency management office, TEMA or FEMA can do to assist with response and recovery.

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