Flood cleanup tips from Hardin County EMA

HARDIN COUNTY, Tenn. — For residents in Hardin County who are now able to get into their homes and have started cleaning up from flooding that has affected the area, the Hardin County Emergency Management Agency has a few reminders to help cleaning go smoothly county-wide.

EMA officials say these tips are for debris disposal for the weekend of March 9 and March 10:

  • Take pictures before beginning cleanup. The photos will show where the water was inside your home
  • Separate household garbage, furniture, and construction materials before going to collection centers.
  • Use the nearest collection facility to your home. For residents only in Cerro Gordo, debris will need to be taken to the nearest location in Savannah. The Cerro Gordo facility is only for household garbage.
  • Once a facility is full, wait until Monday before attempting to drop off debris again.
  • Do not leave debris and trash outside the gates of a facility or on the ground inside a facility because a trash bin is full.
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