Two Jackson homes burn down in early morning fire

JACKSON, Tenn. – An early morning fire left not one, but two homes destroyed. One neighbor said he first heard a noise, then he said he realized what was happening when he looked outside.

Neighbor Anthony Williams took these cell phone pictures when he noticed his neighbor’s home was engulfed in flames early Friday morning.

“After a while I heard, it sounded to me like a muffled gunshot. I opened the door and I see the first house over there that is like abandoned, that was on fire,” Williams said. “It’s usually quiet and as I come out here, I just come to my front door, I see like lights and the flames and the house is on fire.”

Jackson Fire Marshal Lamar Childress says fire crews were called out to battle the blaze around 1:00 a.m. Friday morning on East Deadrick Street.

He says the fire started at one home, then within minutes spread to the vacant house next door.

The fire marshal says the people who lived inside this home escaped and no one was injured. Williams says he can relate to what the family is going through.

“It’s a little heart-wrenching, because my house caught on fire a couple of years ago. Me, my wife, my family, we experienced that. It was just kind of like a reminder,” Williams said.

The American Red Cross came is providing shelter for the victims of the house fire.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated.

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